TLU Trial Skills Training

USA - Los Angeles

August 27 - 28, 2021

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September 13 - 15th, 2021

Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay

October 24 - 26th, 2021

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Trial Skills Training

TLU Trail Skills Bootcamp is a three day intensive workshop where participants will exponentially improve their presentation, cross-examination, and voir dire skills. Participants will be in six-person groups. Video replay will be used througout.


Day one focuses exclusively on presenting with the use of visuals:

  • foam core boards
  • power points
  • flip chart
  • Ipevo (document camera)
  • physical models

Participants will also practice using dialogue and creating space.

Day two focuses on mastering sets of voir dire, designed to:

  • Build that initial connection with your jury
  • Form a group around you
  • Pacing
  • Pausing
  • Word choice
  • Empower the jury
  • Define and identify potential bias

Day three will focus on cross-examinaiton. Students will master the use of:

  • The flip chart
  • using dialogue in cross
  • present tense
  • eliminate tag lines
    • correct
    • true
  • eliminate filler words
    • and
    • ok
    • ah
  • creating space
  • Dodd’s Three Ruels
    •  leading questions only
    • one new fact per question
    • all facts lead to goal oriented fact