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Steven DeBosierRoss LeBlancDan Ambrose

Steven DeBosier · Ross LeBlanc · Dan Ambrose

A Handrail Case Settles for $1.1 Million: How To Find The Truth That Matters, Simplify It, and Hold On

TLU Icon February 6, 2024 6:30 PM||TLU n Demand

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Learn how to spot your next million-dollar slip and fall. When a woman fell on the front steps of her rental house and broke her back. Her landlord denied fault and refused to add a handrail placing 100 % blame on the tenant. Listen to how keeping things simple paid off by taking your worst facts and making them your best facts resulting in a 1.1 million settlement.

Teaching Points:

1. Case selection: picking the right case and why it’s not always obvious.

2. Discovering the story: how to find facts you need to show the jury.

3. Jury instructions and experts: shaping your case around the law prevents dismissal and helps get your evidence admitted.

4. Keep it simple: avoid making the case complex, which favors the defense. Be relentlessly simple.

5. Be ready to fight: call out the bad behavior and show you can push it to the one audience that scares them most - the jury.

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