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Benjamin  ClowardAlison BrasierDennis Prince

Benjamin Cloward · Alison Brasier · Dennis Prince

Benjamin Cloward & Alison Brasier's Win Over FedEx - Hosted by Dennis Prince

TLU Icon October 18, 2022 2:30 AM||TLU n Demand

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Over 8 years ago, in 2014, a FedEx driver was not paying attention when he slammed into the rear of Naddia’s car. In an instant, her life was forever changed when her neck, mid-back and low back were permanently damaged. As a result of this significant collision, Naddia has required consistent and ongoing medical care and treatment to minimize her pain and provide some level of quality of life. She receives rhizotomies also known as radiofrequency ablations where the doctors “burn her nerves” to destroy the pain signal from the painful areas in her neck, mid-back and low back. For the defense, FedEx tried to blame Naddia’s painful complaints on a subsequent crash that took place five months after the crash at issue. FedEx’s experts claimed that she was significantly improved after the first crash and was on her way to a full recovery and that her pain complaints were solely attributable to the second crash.

Learning Points:
-How to effectively educate the jury regarding the medicine so that they understand the importance of awarding future damages
-How to navigate differing styles of defense medical experts and how to use them to help prove your case
-A different approach to giving closing arguments: “Putting the money front and center”
-Using Trial Consultants for various parts of your case and also using effective demonstrative exhibits to educate the jurors