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Dan Ambrose · Giorgio Panagos · Raj Guha · Nick Wooldridge

Connection: Science & Technique

TLU Icon January 31, 2023 7:00 PM||TLU n Demand

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We will have just finished teaching a bootcamp January 27-29 in Las Vegas. Participants from that program will be cohosting, sharing their experiences and what they learned.

TLU Skills Training bootcamps focus on the science and technique of human connection in the context of a small group a.k.a. the jury. For the past nine years, I’ve made it my mission to break down this complex skill and translate it into a curriculum that can make anyone a master of connection if they put in the work. From 2014-2020, I taught over 100 four-day programs sharing everything I discovered using what I called the Trojan Horse Method. It was not until the pandemic forced us to go virtual that I had the rare opportunity to study the greatest trial lawyers and decipher what they were doing that led to their super-human results. The breakthroughs of understanding that emerged from this opportunity led to a reinvention of Trojan Horse Method into what I am teaching today.

To master any complex skill, whether it’s golf, tennis, or human connection, it must be broken down to its micro skills. These micro skills must be identified, isolated, and practiced. The micro skills of connection are eye contact, voice control, emotional control, hand/body movement, glance control, word selection, listening, and creating space. These skills are practiced, recorded, and coached in the context of voir dire, opening statement, and cross-examination. We conduct six weekly Zoom meet ups to prepare.