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Jason Doucette

Jason Doucette

Master Storytelling: How to Win Trials and Influence Jurors

TLU Icon April 13, 2023 5:30 PM||TLU n Demand

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$2,466,734 jury verdict on a slip and fall, transverse patella fracture, with finding of no negligence.

The Defendant bought a triplex and hired his sister-in-law’s property management company to manage it. There was a walkway going from all the units to the alley. It was covered by paint which was extremely slippery when wet. Three tenants, including the Plaintiff and her fiancé, reported the unsafe walkway. It was never fixed.

One morning, the Plaintiff is walking back to her unit when her foot slips from underneath her. Her legs jack knife and she hears what sounds like a gun shot. It is her left knee shattering. As she lays on the ground, she feels dampness and realizes the walkway is wet due to the morning dew.

The Plaintiff underwent ORIF surgery and later had the hardware removed. She works four to seven days a week, often twelve-hour shifts, as a veterinary assistant. The defense claimed that no one ever reported that the walkway was unsafe; the walkway was not unsafe; and the Plaintiff is a faker.

1. Structure a Story to Maximum Damages and Eliminate Comparative Liability
2. The Power of a Hero’s Journey
3. The Surprising Traits of a Villain
4. How to Cast Supporting Roles
5. Avoid Rabbit Holes with Discovery and Effective Examinations
6. The Power of Analogies

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