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Brian PanishRoger DoddPatricia KuendigJesse Creed

Brian Panish · Roger Dodd · Patricia Kuendig · Jesse Creed

PSBR Trial College REPLAY - Advanced Cross Examination - Brian Panish, Jesse Creed, Roger Dodd, Tricia Kuendig - Part 3 of 3

TLU Icon August 26, 2022 2:30 AM||TLU n Demand

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In today’s litigation environment, most lawyers are not in trial enough to gain or maintain proficiency in necessary trial skills like cross examination, yet these skills are critical both at trial and during depositions. Renowned trial lawyer and trial skills instructor Roger Dodd and Super Lawyer “Rising Star” Tricia Kuendig will join PSBR partner Brian Panish for this program focused on using cross examination to elicit facts from opposing witnesses that build and support the plaintiff’s theory of the case. Brian and Roger will demonstrate how to harness the power of leading questions to control adverse and “runaway” witnesses.
Hour 3: All critiques, but especially, during this hour will explore alternate cross-examinations to the cross-examination preformed in the examples and clips. Different lawyers, male and female, conduct cross-examinations in their own style. It is never one size fits all.