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Brian PanishKeith Mitnik

Brian Panish · Keith Mitnik

PSBR Trial College REPLAY - Identifying, Exposing, and Overcoming the Defendant’s False Framing - Keith Mitnik and Brian Panish - Part 1 of 2

TLU Icon August 17, 2022 2:30 AM||TLU n Demand

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A good trial lawyer must evaluate the good, the bad, and the ugly facts of a case, but should not assume that what are often considered “problematic facts” (e.g., prior incidents, gaps in treatment, no visible property damage) have compromised the case or made it un-triable. Most of these facts are highly dependent on framing and perspective. PSBR partner Brian Panish and nationally recognized trial lawyer and author Keith Mitnik will explain how these facts are not case killers and will teach you how to identify and expose common defense strategies and false framing designed to confuse and mislead your jurors.

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