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Montana ThompsonJustin Wyatt

Montana Thompson · Justin Wyatt

Reinsch v State of Arizona - $854,000 Verdict for Client Suffering from Auto Collision Injuries - Montana Thompson & Justin Wyatt

TLU Icon January 11, 2022 6:30 PM||TLU n Demand

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In January 2018, a highway patrolman crashed into the rear of an SUV that was stopped in traffic waiting for a school bus. The SUV driver, 34 year old Brandon Reinsch, felt minor discomfort at the scene; the SUV wasdamaged but drivable. Brandon drove himself and his 11 year old daughter to the ER later that day; x-rays were taken but no acute findings were noted. Three weeks later Brandon went to his first chiropractic appointment. He was then referred to a primary care doctor and went on to have conservative therapy for the next year. He complained of headaches, neck pain, back pain, and radicular symptoms into his hands. That first year Brandon was offered ESI’s and RFA’s but declined. He was offered cubital tunnel surgery but declined. During this time he continued to work but his job performance declined and he eventually lost his job. Two and a half years after the crash Brandon decided to go back to pain management and have the CESI’s and RFA’s. His bills went from about $45k to $210k. He finished treatment five months before trial and his pain was down to a 1/10 with occasional flare ups. The defense offered $40k at mediation stating in their mediation memo that Brandon was malingering. At trial the defense went after Brandon hard, claiming this was a minor impact, that Brandon’s MRI’s and EMG’s were normal for his age, and that Brandon was malingering. The defense asked the jury to award $10k.

VERDICT: $854,500.00