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Rex ParrisIbiere Seck

Rex Parris · Ibiere Seck

REPLAY - PARRIS Trial College - Wax on Wax off: Practicing Jury Selection - Rex Parris & Ibiere Seck

TLU Icon September 19, 2022 2:30 AM||TLU n Demand

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This trial college has one goal. It is to teach lawyers how to get bigger verdicts. They do this without apology or evasion. A plaintiff’s lawyer’s job is to get the largest verdict possible. It is the defense lawyer’s job to keep the verdict as low as possible.

The Parris Firm’s last five verdicts and one settlement during trial are all in 8 or 9 figures. This is not from luck, an accident, or magic. It is learning the science of persuasion and then discovering how to apply it in the courtroom. It is not a talent you are born with or a gift that is given to you. It comes from doing the work necessary to become unconsciously competent in the discrete skills that will assist the lawyer in persuading judges and juries to fully compensate the plaintiff for all of their injuries and damages.

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