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Rex ParrisKhail Parris

Rex Parris ยท Khail Parris

REPLAY - TLU Live Las Vegas 2021 - Bejar v. Lopez, TBI/Spine, Mini Opening - Rex Parris & Khail Parris

TLU Icon February 22, 2022 6:30 PM||TLU n Demand

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A rear-end auto v. Motorcycle collision. Officer Bejar was attempting to pull over a third party for speeding. As he activated his lights and sirens, the individual he was pulling over rapidly applied his brakes and turned left onto the shoulder. Officer Bejar rapidly slowed his motorcycle to follow the speeding vehicle. The defendant rear-ended him causing him to be ejected from the motorcycle. He fractured his orbital socket when his face hit the pavement. This caused him to sustain a traumatic brain injury. The defendant claimed that the forces were insufficient to sustain a traumatic brain injury because the officer was wearing a helmet. The defendant also claimed that the speeding motorist and Officer Bejar were to blame for the collision.

Rex Parris & Khail Parris go over their mini opening for this case and the process behind it.

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