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David BallArtemis Malekpour

David Ball · Artemis Malekpour

REPLAY - TLU Live Vegas 2022 - Open communication, Technology and the Decision-Makers Part 1-3

TLU Icon March 22, 2023 5:30 PM||TLU n Demand

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Registering for this webinar will give you access to Parts 1, 2, and 3. Use the same zoom link for Part 1 to view Part 2 on March 21st and Part 3 on March 22nd.

March 20 & 21 - Open communication- Positioning Yourself to Ask for Money
Communications research and 2500 years of theater wisdom shows that content is only a third of the battle. The rest lies in who you are and in your presentation skills. No need to reinvent yourself or reinvent the wheel on how to get yourself across to jurors. David’s directing and writing for professional theater and film forms the basis of this practical how-do-do-it 90 minutes that will make jurors see you as direct, open, fair, empathetic, honest, and the one to trust. David’s theater and film students have gone on to win Oscars, Obies; and Emmies, his book Backwards & Forwards is the single most-studied book the theater and film training, and his decades of working with trial lawyers and innovating damages strategies all combine in this unique session.

March 22 - Technology and the Decision-Makers

The purpose of technology in trial is not technology. Nor is it for your convenience. The purpose is for you to create open, clear, personal, simplified, and persuasive impact on the jurors. This is increasingly important as younger jurors are taking over the jury pool, whose experiences demands adeptly crafted technology to reach them. Some of the current least-used approaches in trial are actually the best while some of the most commonly used are used ineptly, so they put up alienating walls between you and the jurors. Result: it’s easy to unknowingly undermine the very thing you’re trying to convey. Many demonstrative illustrations, day-in-the-life videos, sets of PowerPoint slides, and other tech methods end up less effective than just talking -- and are even actively harmful. So by the time you ask for money, you’re not standing on the solid case you could have had. Founded on her psychology and law degrees along with her many years of courtroom, focus-group, and juror work, Artemis, best known for her most constructively critical eye, will guide you into making make tech aids your best friends.

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