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REPLAY - TLU Live Vegas 2022 - Tell the Story of Your Medical Malpractice Case in Opening Part 1-3

TLU Icon March 24, 2023 5:30 PM||TLU n Demand

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The opening statement in a medical malpractice case must tell the story of the case in clear and compelling terms. It engages the jury’s interest early and shows the importance of what they are about to do. It frames the liability issues in simple, human terms that go beyond the technicalities of the medicine. It educates the jury about the medicine and establishes you as a credible and reliable resource to help the jury understand the case and do their job. It lays out the key facts and events of the case using a powerful timeline that tells the story of the case. It coopts and preempts defenses. It plants the seed for the motive and intent behind the defendant’s bad conduct that will grow into your case frame for closing argument.

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