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Chris Dolan

Chris Dolan

REPLAY - TLU Live Vegas 2022 - Voir Dire, from the moment you set foot into the courtroom until the jury is impaneled PT 1 & 2

TLU Icon May 2, 2023 5:30 PM||TLU n Demand

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“Give me 12 people and I will get you the truth.”

Voir Dire is where your case first takes shape, where you learn what’s important to the prospective jurors and where you extend the invitation to them “self-deselect”

Geared for both for the novice and the old-pro, this insightful program will involve a pre-selection discussion on the goals and objectives of voir dire, the brief statement of the case, and “mini-openings” allowed in some jurisdictions, followed by a live jury selection process punctuated with interludes of analysis and discussion on the techniques, strategies and format, culminating with an analysis of who would you keep and who would you discharge. The participant should anticipate walking away with a set of tools to help them in their next voir dire. The presentation will provide a roadmap on how to address the most common obstacles encountered in selecting the least impartial jury. Chris Dolan, who has chosen over 75 civil juries, resulting in numerous 7 and 8 figure verdicts, will share with you his approach to jury selection which has led to over 40 jurors being dismissed for cause during voir dire in numerous cases. You will learn how to:

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