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Arkady FrekhtmanNathan Werksman

Arkady Frekhtman ยท Nathan Werksman

Slip & Fall on Snow and Ice Leads to $3.5 Million Settlement During Trial

TLU Icon February 2, 2024 6:30 PM||TLU n Demand

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A slip & fall on a subway staircase in the Bronx. A man slipped due to snow & ice left on a metal staircase at an above-ground subway station. He sustained an aggravation exacerbation of a prior cervical fusion 6 years earlier. He needed further fusion surgery on his neck. He also suffered partial paralysis to his pinky finger on his left hand and required left shoulder surgery. The case settled after the first witness testified during trial for $3,500,000.

Teaching points:

1) Conducting a brutally honest voir dire which gets the jurors to want to be on the jury and do justice for your client

2) dealing with a tough judge

3) Using demonstratives in Opening Statement

4) Staying strong and refusing to budge until you get the right # for settlement

5) Using community witnesses to bolster your case

6) Using medical evidence in your favor

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