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Haytham FarajKatherine Melik-Stepanyan

Haytham Faraj ยท Katherine Melik-Stepanyan

TLU Huntington Beach 2023 Replay - Preparing The Winning Case From Intake To Verdict

TLU Icon March 15, 2024 5:30 PM||TLU n Demand

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How to select the case, client intake and preparation to testify, developing a compelling liability story, discovering the emotionally moving damages story and winning at trial, from jury selection to closing.

Haytham will introduce methods and strategies to preparing and winning cases at trial learned from his 20 plus years as a Marine Corps infantry officer and 13 years of teaching the techniques developed by Gerry Spence at the Thunderhead Ranch in Wyoming.

Haytham is a senior faculty member and Board member of the Gerry Spence Method. The presentation will meld the unquestionable effectiveness of the methods developed by Gerry Spence from the Gerry Spence Method program at the Thunderhead Ranch with the big picture approach to winning trials that Haytham developed and applies from the classic work the Warfighting Manual.

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