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John Uustal

John Uustal

TLU Live NYC (REPLAY) - Welcome to My House: Dissecting rapper Flo Rida’s $82.6 Million Dollar Verdict against Celsius Energy Drinks

TLU Icon December 5, 2023 6:30 PM||TLU n Demand

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Many lawyers often misjudge the value and potential of cases, leading to lesser wins or losses, illustrated through a breach of contract case that secured an $83 million verdict due to effective jury communication tactics. This scenario underscores that a lawyer's training can sometimes obscure the optimal approach to a case. John Uustal, a notable lawyer, has achieved remarkable success against formidable opponents in complex cases. His firm, Kelley | Uustal, is recognized for its expertise in product liability and personal injury, exemplifying a strong track record in overcoming challenging legal battles.

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