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Rex ParrisDan Ambrose

Rex Parris · Dan Ambrose

Voir Dire, Trial Lawyers University meets Trial by Science

TLU Icon October 3, 2022 2:30 AM||TLU n Demand

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Rex Parris is going to share his insights on Dan Ambrose’s TLU methodology for teaching the granular skills of connecting in the first five minutes of voir dire. Rex has always been an advocate of training and learning because we can all train and be much better and trial lawyering is a skill that needs to constantly be practiced and refined. To master any skill we must first isolate the micro skills that make up the macro skill you want to master. The micro skills of connection are:

1. Eye contact
2. Hand movements
3. Voice
4. Emotional control
5. Glance control
6. Word selection
7. Listening

Dan will be demonstrating and Rex will be commenting on Dan’s rapport voir dire. These are the voir dire’s to be used in the most important five minutes of trial, which are the first five minutes of voir dire. It does not matter if you are trying a civil, criminal or business case, you first have to get rapport before you get into the more substantive topics.

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